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Hosts, Cultwo Show, SBS Radio

The Radio Star Is Here to Stay

2016.05.20 15:30~16:00 Session Abstract

Cultwo is a duo made up of Jung Chan Woo and Kim Tae Kyun, hosts of the number one radio show in Korea, The Cultwo Show. The two kicked off their careers through a broadcasting company’s comedy contest, and have since expanded their stage to include theater. When Cultwo made their gag comedy performance into something resembling a concert at a theater in Daehakro, ticket sales made theater history. The Cultwo Show celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. To date, several tens of thousands of listeners participated by sending in their stories and the grand total of the studio audience was tallied at a remarkable 100,000. The two hosts sit at their studio seats everyday at 2 pm committed to make the day for the listeners of their paradigm-breaking show sexy and fun.