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KIM Young Woo

Deputy Chief Producer, SBS Radio Center

The Radio Star Is Here to Stay

2016.05.20 15:30~16:00 Session Abstract
KIM Young Woo

Kim Young Woo joined SBS at a time when radio began its dip. Many assume he chose radio for the music he must have been mad about but that is a misunderstanding he finds even irksome at times. Kim chose radio for the talk. His heart was in talk radio. Of the twenty years as a radio producer at SBS, only six was with a music station, Power FM. The rest was spent producing talk radio shows. This predilection for talk radio and its discussion of topical issues ironically made him more aware of the impending demise of radio. Unsure as to how to navigate through this predicament, he found answer in a political podcast, Naneun Ggomsuda (or literally, I am a Petty Minded Creep). Kim Young Woo has been producing Ddeokgguk Yeolcha (Rice Cake Train), a history podcast making a splash among podcast listeners ever since, and has opened up a podcast channel at Gorealra, an SBS Internet radio app.