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KIM Jiman


The Evolution of Shared Experience

2016.05.20 16:50~17:30 Session Abstract
KIM Jiman

After a quarrel with his wife about who gets to use the couple’s family car, Kim Jiman had a eureka moment at the sight of the endless rows of cars parked outside his apartment. Kim went on to found SOCAR, the most successful car-sharing startup in Korea, and recently the on-demand ride-sharing service called POOLUS

SOCAR’s car-sharing service kicked off with 100 cars at the island of Jeju in Korea. As of 2016, the startup has gone national with a fleet of more than 4,500 cars. Kim is pushing his boundaries every day to realize his vision of changing the world with innovative mobility options, recently launching the carpooling service.

SOCAR received the Korea Marketing Award in the category of Best Sharing Economy Startup in 2015, and was named one of the Top 5 Startups of the Year that same year. The company also became the world’s first car-sharing startup to be recognized as a B Corporation in 2014. In 2013, the Red Dot Award for Communication Design validated the startup’s presence in the market. Last November, the company announced a US$65m Series B funding round, a confirmation of its business potential. POOLUS, a platform for commuters to make the best use of the empty seats in their cars by matching trip requests real-time, started its beta service in April, 2016.