Media Big Bang!
Impact on Business & Society

Date : 2007. 05. 29~31 / Location : Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel Seoul, Korea
Opening Plenary

What’s Media Anyway? Where is it Headed?

Media today is in the midst of a revolutionary change, so revolutionary that it can be referred to as Media Big Bang. The advancement of digital technologies is giving rise to the emergence and proliferation of new players in the industry, challenging media as understood in the traditional sense. It is also pushing existing industries to go beyond their established competencies, making their previously well-delineated barriers irrelevant.

These ripples of change are not limited to the supply side however; consumers are also affected in the way they experience, relate and respond to media and in how the world is presented to them. History tells us that whenever a new media paradigm emerges, it always has a deep impact on the fundamental pillars of society.

Hence, at the Seoul Digital Forum 2007, we will closely examine how media is being redefined, as well as exchange ideas on how to cope with the economic, political and social implications of the Media Big Bang.