Explore T.I.M.E, Space and Beyond

Date : 2008. 05. 06~08 / Location : Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel Seoul, Korea
Keynote Address

Constant of Change : Content after all.

The black hole of imagination, an endless bounty of questions and answers for the dreamer who has the tenacity and determination to pursue his dream. Will evolution be overpowered by a revolutionary idea from such a pioneer who never ceases to follow his quest; another inventor to light up the minds and spark ideas into the hearts and souls of the mundane?

- What imaginative breakthroughs do we need in our T.I.M.E.(Technology, Information, Media & Entertainment) business?
- What inspiration will push the human race beyond earth into the stars? Can the arts, design and entertainment supply this inspiration?
- What thoughts and discussions must we provoke to move us into a livable and peaceful world?
- How can we end poverty, war, disease and environmental threats?
- How can new technology be leveraged to dramatically affect adverse consequences?