STORY - A New Chapter

Date : 2009. 05. 27~28 / Location : Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel Seoul, Korea
Keynote Address

The World Economic Outlook

The history of mankind has been forever shaped by stories. From time immemorial, the world's true pioneers have utilized the art of the narrative to inspire the hearts and minds of their fellow man, in turn moving successive generations to give form to their own visions. In the digital age, the story as ever retains its preeminence. With every shift in history, we open a new chapter and pen a new story. Once again, confronting historic change, the world is in need of such pioneers who are audacious enough to challenge the bounds of our reality. How can we counter seemingly unsolvable issues and problems to envision a new world order and pioneer yet another breed of life-, paradigm-, and industry-shifting stories? Whose and what inspiration will shape our path forward?

- What defines great leaders, particularly at times of crisis?
- How do their stories connect and inspire humankind?
- What solutions must each industry implement to reshape and reinvigorate a world in crisis?
- Who will emerge as the new leaders and what innovations will they create?
- How has technology pioneered new storytelling platforms and enabled new channels of change?
- How do the arts and artistic inspiration lift us toward a better world?
- What new hopes and opportunities will the crisis give birth to?