Renaissance Now
Shaping Another Breakthrough

Date : 2010. 05. 12~13 / Location : Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel Seoul, Korea
Opening Ceremony & Keynote Address

Renaissance Now in the Media Ecosystem

The 21st century's opening decade has been marred by acts of terrorism, wars, increasingly perilous climate change, and unfathomably tragic natural disasters. And although the global community has been brought closer together by the dazzling advances of science and technology, concerns on whether we are straying from sustainable development continue to mount.
With a new decade upon us, however, humankind is set to make a big leap forward. Against this backdrop, the Renaissance serves as a magnificent template in the way it overcame the Dark Ages and brought about a vibrant and thriving civilization.
How, for instance, could humankind even have dreamed of setting foot on the moon without Galileo's unflinching conviction that the earth orbits the sun? By carrying on that precious legacy of the spirit of challenge and creativity, we will be able to overcome current crises and shape a new breakthrough era.

At SDF2010, we will discuss how we can craft and propel a new millennium Renaissance and who the Renaissance men and women will be that will shape the coming breakthroughs.

- How can the Digital Age contribute to solving the world's crises and what are the digital loopholes and dilemmas we should be addressing?
- What and who will lead the next evolution of the media world? What business models will spearhead another media big bang?
- With China nipping at the heels of American hegemony, has the Eastern Renaissance gotten a boost from the global financial crisis? And given that this Eastern Renaissance will get stronger, what new forms of collaboration between East and West should we explore?
- What will make the coming years truly matter and what do we draw on to create our future?
- What answers and guiding principles from science and the arts should we adhere to and learn from?