Evolving Interaction
Towards an Inclusive Community

Date : 2016. 05. 19~20 / Location : DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza)
Keynote Address

The Next Moonshot for an Inclusive Future :
Democratizing Technology by Redefining Education

Watching AlphaGo outsmart Go grandmaster Lee Sedol this March triggered both excitement and consternation from the audiences across the globe. Will the rise of artificial intelligence [AI] empower us or replace us? What should be the long-term goals of AI and how can we ensure that the emerging technology remains beneficial to humanity? Sebastian Thrun, the man who launched Google’s self-driving car project and Google X, tells us answering these questions requires a fundamental redefinition of “education” as we know it today. The academic-turned-entrepreneur illustrates his next - and perhaps most important ? moonshot project that could enable everyone to have a chance in the age of AI.