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KIM Cho-yeop

Science Fiction Writer / Author of 『If We Can’t Move at the Speed of Light』, 『Greenhouse at the End of the Earth』, 『The World We Just Left Behind (translated titles)』

KIM Cho-yeop
Title The Marginalized Body and the Future of Science and Technology
Times of the Remarks 2021.11.18 16:30-17:10

KIM Cho-yeop earned her undergraduate degree in chemistry and a master’s in biochemistry from Pohang University of Science and Technology. She began her career as an author following her wins at the 2nd Korean Science Fiction Awards in 2017: Grand Prize (short story/mid-length novel category) for her short story “Lost on Premises” as well as Honorable Mention for “If We Can’t Move at the Speed of Light” (translated titles). She is known for works of science fiction that explore the themes of technological advancement, human marginalization, emotion, and memory. Her published books include If We Can’t Move at the Speed of Light (2019), Greenhouse at the End of the World (2021), and The World We Just Left Behind (2021) (translated titles). Recently, she co-authored Becoming a Cyborg, a non-fiction work, with KIM Won-young, which examines a broad range of themes, including the relationship between disability and science and technology, depictions of disability in the media, and intersections between disability studies and science and technology studies. She was a recipient of Minumsa publishing group’s 2019 Writer of the Year Award and the publishing house Munhak Dongne’s 2020 Young Writer Award.