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KIM Won-young

Attorney / Performing artist / Author of 『In Defense of the Disqualified』, 『Becoming a Cyborg』

KIM Won-young
Title The Marginalized Body and the Future of Science and Technology
Times of the Remarks 2021.11.18 16:30-17:10

KIM Won-young studied sociology as an undergraduate at Seoul National University and earned his master’s degree at the Seoul National University School of Law. Having previously worked at the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, today he practices law out of a firm based in Seoul. He has authored numerous books, including 『Desire, Not Hope』, 『In Defense of the Disqualified』, and 『Becoming a Cyborg』. Passionate about the performing arts, he has acted in the plays The Anti-Discrimination Law of Love and Friendship and The Struggle for Recognition: Artists. In the winter of 2021, he will be dancing on stage for a production titled Becoming a Dancer.His chief interests are in the laws and social institutions that promote equality for people with disabilities and other minorities and the values of friendship, love, and excellence that take shape in the gaps that exist in the law and the moral code. He describes himself as pursuing two callings: law and performance (dance).